Our Philosophy:

New Wonders Discovery Center is an established child care facility serving families from  Kalamazoo and the surrounding communities by providing high-quality childcare and educational programs where children, infants through 12 years of age, are encouraged to explore, discover, and celebrate learning in a safe and caring environment.


Our staff believes that each child is a special and unique individual with great value. That belief has led us to offer an environment that enables children to build self-confidence and independence while learning to respect the rights and value of others.


Our staff understands that "play" is the work of young children. We offer teacher directed and child guided age-appropriate activities in physical, cognitive, social-emotional, and language development while promoting skills in literacy, math, science, and social studies. 


Our staff cares for and acts with knowledge and purpose so that young children have the opportinuty to acquire the skills needed to succeed not only in school, but in life. Our teachers are  trained to take advantage of and support child-guided experiences and promote learning opportunities.


Our staff appreciates that parents are the most important people in a child's life. And because of that appreciation you, as the parent, can have confidence that our staff  is highly motivated to do their best to provide each child with a compassionate and nurturing extension of the family.

Our Worldview

The owners of New Wonders Discovery Center hold to a Biblical Worldview. We take the awesome responsibility to lovingly care and guide children directly from that Biblical Worldview.  The Bible provides a foundation of moral absolutes and values that assist children in understanding they are unique individuals whose lives have purpose.  


Some of the ways we share this with the children are through stories from the Bible, prayer before meals, songs and music, and a Biblical approach to science concepts. 

Now Enrolling!



Infant (Newborn- Active Mover):

Please call for more information if you would like to inquire about space availability for your infant.  We accept reservations to hold future spaces. Reservations for future enrollment require a a non-refundable holding fee and participation in a holding agreement.


Please note, NWDC maintains 8 spaces in our infant room. Seven are full-time and one space is for part-time enrollment within one of two combimations:

1) a 3 day per week enrollment of Monday - Wednesday - Friday or

2) a 2 day per week enrollment of Tuesday - Thursday. 

No other combinations will be accepted. The part-time space enrollment is based on which of the two combinations is availabile. We do not accept rotating schedules. 


Wobbler (Active mover to approximately 18-24 months):


Toddler (18-24 months to 30 months):


Prepper (ages approximately 30 months-3 years):

Beginning in the Prepper Class, your child will advance based on the year they begin school.  The prepper class is for those children who have approximately 3 years before they will begin Kindergarten.  Your child will remain in the Prepper Classroom until they are at least three years old and completely potty-trained.  Advancement to the next class will happen in either May or September depending on your child's birthdate and space available. 


Preschool: (Ages 3-4 years): 



Pre-K: (4-5 years): 


School-Age Currently, we are only able to accept a limited number of school-agers before and after school. We apologize but, because of our curent enrollment, we are unable to accept any newly enrolled school-agers on snow days and any school breaks for full time day care at this time. 


Promotions to next room is always based on 3 combined factors: child's age, development, and space availability.

 Due to the nature of our business and our desire to ensure the safety, privacy, and continuity of our care and programs, we ask that you call ahead to schedule a tour.  


Once you are ready to enroll your child with us, please set up an appointment with Connie or Heather so we can assist you in getting started at NWDC. We will be glad to take the time to inform you about everything you need to know, including the relevant paperwork. You can make an appointment over the phone at 269 366-4680, or contact us at newwondersdc@msn.com.




  We can not accept 'walk-in' application requests or interviews. Please  e-mail for  an appointment or information. All staff works with the children so we are unable to respond to phone call requests during work hours.    






Refer to the "Hiring Qualifications" page under the "About Us" page for more information. Applicants must make an apppointment. 


Monday- Friday

6:30 am to 6:30 pm



7000 Stadium Drive

Suite 203

Kalamazoo, MI 49009


Located in Village Place at the intersection of 8th and Stadium



(269) 366-4680

E-mail is the preferred method of contact for information.



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