Our Program:


With purposeful intent New Wonders Discovery Center provides a quality program throughout all age groups and classrooms that include the following concepts: 


High Expectations for Every Child- Each child is unique and special. We believe there is a necessity to recognize each child's individual strengths and challenges and work with optimism and determination to help them develop their abilities to the fullest. 


The Importance of Adult-Child Interactions- We believe in providing "caring times" that are responsive, nurturing, and appropriate to each child. We also provide "prime times" of language rich, unhurried moments that lead to a strong sense of human dignity, personal worth, self-responsibility and regulation, and the knowledge that they are respected and capable. Staff and children relish those moments of delight and joy in one to one interaction. 


Planned Child-Choice Learning Environments- Each child has opportunities to participate in well-planned learning centers both indoors and outside that build skill and understanding in all areas of development. 


Developmentally Appropriately Instruction- As children grow, they need constructive instruction from adults, in the sense of deliberate teaching of expected skills and behavior.  Through the process of observation, analysis, dialogue with parents and knowledge of expectations of skills needed for enterance into the formal school setting, the staff will implement a well-rounded curriculum from infants through school-age. 


Making Learning Visible through Documentation and Display- Observing, documenting, and displaying each child's work allows both parents and teachers to track the discoveries and accomplishments of each child. 


Full Partnerships with Parents- Parents are welcomed as experts on their children and as partners with caregivers and teachers. Through open communication and conferences, parents' knowledge and talents are a welcome addition to the overall program of this center. We also practice an "open-door" policy for our parents and strive to be an extension of the family unit. 

Lead Teacher Contacts

All our lead teachers utilize the Brightwheel App where you, as a parent, may contact them directly. Access the Brightwheel app will be made available on your first day of attendance.


NWDC maintains a members only Facebook site where parents and grandparents have access to documents and communication. NWDC's primary means of daily comunication is through the Brightwheel App.

Brightwheel App

NWDC utilizes the Brightwheel App for billing, individual and group communication, child/parent record retention, pictures and videos. Within Brightwheel parents and grandarents have the ability to view pictures of the children and their daily activities. Pictures are added daily and ofteen multiple times per day. Note: Pictures are only placed on the site with the parentof guardian's permission provided at registratin. Pictures may only be viewed by those granted access to the Brightwheel App.


  We can not accept 'walk-in' application requests or interviews. Please  e-mail for  an appointment or information. All staff works with the children so we are unable to respond to phone call requests during work hours.    






Refer to the "Hiring Qualifications" page under the "About Us" page for more information. Applicants must make an apppointment. 


Monday- Friday

7:00 am to 5:30 pm



7000 Stadium Drive

Suite 203

Kalamazoo, MI 49009


Located in Village Place at the intersection of 8th and Stadium



(269) 366-4680

E-mail is the preferred method of contact for information.



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