Ages 10 months (or mobile) to 16 months

In the Wobbler room, we continue the home-like atmosphere while starting to introduce a classroom schedule. Your child will be assigned a "primary caregiver" to build a positive relationship with their teachers. Your Wobbler will eat together with their classmates, nap at designated times (one morning and one afternoon nap), and participate in group learning activities. The will be fed bottles between meals per your schedule and will be changed at least every two hours or as needed. 


Our Wobbler room uses the Pinnacle Curriculum from the Childcare Education Institute. The Pinnacle Curriculum is a researched based early childhood curriculum based on the works of Piaget, Gardner, and Erikson. If focuses on all major developments and provides ideas for nature experiences, music, and art. 



Your child will graduate to the toddler room when they reach 18 months of age. They will begin the transition by visiting the toddler room for short periods of time several weeks prior to their graduation date. You will be contacted when this transition begins and will be given the opportunity to meet with your child's new teacher and learn about the classroom.


**Promotions to next room is always based on child's development and space availability


  We can not accept 'walk-in' application requests or interviews. Please  e-mail for  an appointment or information. All staff works with the children so we are unable to respond to phone call requests during work hours.    






Refer to the "Hiring Qualifications" page under the "About Us" page for more information. Applicants must make an apppointment. 


Monday- Friday

7:00 am to 5:30 pm



7000 Stadium Drive

Suite 203

Kalamazoo, MI 49009


Located in Village Place at the intersection of 8th and Stadium



(269) 366-4680

E-mail is the preferred method of contact for information.



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